Experience VIDA electric scooters at VIDA Experience Centers or VIDA Pop-up Stores

You can reserve your VIDA by paying a completely refundable amount of INR 2,499 at VIDA world’s official website.

Our team will connect with you once your Scooter is ready for dispatch/delivery. The reservation amount will be adjusted against the final payable amount. 

The Fame II subsidy is auto applied upon furnishing the required documents at the time of purchase. You will only pay the amount after adjusting the benefits of the Fame II subsidy.

Yes. We have tied up with leading financial institutions to avail you the best rate for your purchase. Please visit your nearest VIDA experience center to know more.

Yes, the performance of your VIDA warrants a driver’s license. All documents should be registered as per your state’s RTO guidelines.

Yes, you can exchange your old petrol powered 2 wheelers for the brand new VIDA. 

Yes,  visit your nearest VIDA experience center to make any changes to an existing reservation request until the generation of invoice.

Yes, you can buy more than one VIDA electric scooter however you can get the advantage of the Fame II subsidy & other state government subsidy on only one scooter as it is linked with your Aadhaar ID.

Our aim is to deliver your VIDA electric scooter at the earliest, but good things often take time. You can track your VIDA delivery schedule in ‘My account’ section.

You choose. We deliver.
VIDA can be made available at your nearest Experience Centers or can be delivered at your desired location.

You can choose to test ride by simply walking into one of our Experience Centers, Pop Ups or schedule an appointment from home on www.vidaworld.com


Though VIDA electric scooters are built strong and sturdy but like any other electric scooter VIDA electric scooters need periodic maintenance and servicing. On a long term basis once a year is the recommended interval, but strictly according to the Owner's Manual. We have multiple options to make the service experience convenient.

●  Door step service – Get periodic maintenance done at your doorstep.

●  Service at Authorized Workshop  – we have Authorized Workshop in each of the Experience Center Cities.

●  Call & Chat support - For minor issues, refer to VIDA App or connect with us though Call or Chat.

24-hour Roadside assistance for any emergency. 

You will get three free (labor only) services.

1st Free Service– 1,000 Kms or 1 Month from the date of Invoice, whichever is earlier.

2nd Free Service– 7,500 Kms or 6 Months from the date of Invoice, whichever is earlier.

3rd Free Service– 15,000 Kms or 12 Months from the date of Invoice, whichever is earlier.

Thereafter a paid periodic maintenance service at 15,000 Kms or 12 Months is recommended. Please refer to the Owner's Manual to confirm your variant.

Doorstep Service facility allows you to book and get your electric scooter serviced from the comfort of your home. To book a Doorstep Service, log on to the VIDA App and choose from the available slots as per your preferred time. Our service executive will visit your location as per the booking schedule to service your VIDA.

Our Servicing team will thoroughly inspect the electric scooter during the Periodic maintenance. For users with Service Plan, the below consumables will be covered during the periodic maintenance

●  Brake oil/transmission oil/front fork oil top up.                 

●  Brake Pad & Shoe hygiene check; shall be replaced only once during the plan period if faulty.     

We don’t want to leave you stranded anywhere.
Hence, we’re just a call/click away 24*7.
For any kind of breakdown or vehicle related assistance, Click on Roadside Assistance (RSA) button to raise a request on yourVIDA App or call VIDA Customer support at 1800-266-8432. 


To make your VIDA ownership experience delightful, we have carefully designed Subscription Plans that take care of Fast Charging, Connecting and managing your VIDA through the smart phone. 

VIDA subscription plans are designed to offer flexibility and choice. You can choose to pick what you need, be it unlimited access to Fast Charging or the Secure Plan. Subscribe to the plan of your choice and enjoy the VIDA experience.

Charge – Get unlimited access to the Fast charging VIDA network, pre-book charging slot from the VIDA App.

Secure –  Always stay in control of your VIDA with important features like Theft and accident alerts, Track my bike, Ping my bike, Geo fencing and remote immobilization.

As part of the limited period offer, the Charge and Secure plans are free for all customers who take delivery of the VIDA V1 till 31st Dec, 2023. The free plans are valid for six months from the date of purchase.  

No, the subscription plans are same for all VIDA owners. However, there are various variants of the subscription plan based on the features these plans offer. 


We’ve got you covered, there are three ways to charge your vehicles:

●        PORTABLE CHARGER: Charge anywhere at a standard AC 5A socket 

●        REMOVABLE BATTERIES: Batteries can be carried along to charge anywhere using the portable battery charger. This comes with an additional Y-connector to charge both the batteries at the same time. We recommend you to charge both the batteries together, if in situations you can only charge one battery at a time please interchange the batteries between charges.

FAST-CHARGING STATIONS: You may also choose to fast charge your electric scooter at our public charging network. You can find the nearest station on the VIDA App.

Each VIDA comes with two removable batteries (identical and interchangeable) which can be charged separately, practically anywhere, using the standard portable charger, given as a standard accessory

It is our relentless effort to provide you a charging station at a place near you. We are working with all other EV makers to universalize the access to charging but, for now, you can charge your VIDA only at VIDA stations

Yes, Share your residence or office details with us. Based on requests from riders like you, we will be expanding the network. If selected, we will work closely with you and the location owners to determine suitability of installation. 

The cost to fast charge your VIDA at a VIDA fast charging network will be approx. Rs. 20 per unit.

As of now, the portable charger comes with a fixed length that cannot be extended. Also kindly avoid charging using power extension cords

Installing a Power Socket is a common activity that can be done by any qualified electrician. Unfortunately, we will not be extending this service as of now. 

VIDA will consume ~ 3.8  units per recharge cycle based on your model.

Please refer the table below 

               V1 Plus        V1 Pro
 In-vehicle charging time with   portable charger


 0-80% 🡪5 Hrs 15   Minutes 

 0-100% 🡪6 Hrs 55   Minutes


 0-80% 🡪5 Hrs   50 Minutes

 0-100% 🡪7 Hrs   45 Minutes

 In-vehicle fast charging times. 

 All figures are at 25 Deg Celsius   ambient temperature.

 0-80% 🡪62 Minutes 0-   100% 🡪125 Minutes

 0-80% 🡪65   Minutes

 0-100% 🡪130   Minutes

The total length of the wire is 3.5 meters

●        Input wire - 2 meter 

●        Output wire - 1.5 meters


Yes, Approach the electric scooter with the key. The key can be  in your pocket, bag, handbag etc.

1. Option 1

a.    Unlock it by pressing the Switch-On/Lock button by a single press of the button

b.    Press the same button again to switch-on the electric scooter

2. Option 2

Switch on the scooter with a single long press of the start button


  1. Press the boot space unlock button with the key in proximity to the electric scooter
  2. To lock the luggage box simply position the seat in the lock position and press at the center of the seat.


Take the electric scooter off the side stand, ensure the kill switch is off. To start the motor press simultaneously one of the brakes and the start button to switch on the motor.

Just how you would ride any other two wheeler scooter! 

Just press the kill switch or Switch off the electric scooter. The Scooter has an in-built safety feature, if you provide no throttle input then the motor will automatically switch off.

Kindly note Switching-off the Motor Using the kill switch will not lock the vehicle

Yes, you can switch modes while riding the electric scooter and that is one of our most exciting features.

You can also tailor the Custom Mode on the VIDA App to best suit your riding habits.

Use the Ride Mode change button to switch between the different modes or change it through the TFT screen. 

Your electric scooter comes with 3 preset riding modes & a Custom mode-




                 V1 Pro

                V1 Plus

  Sports Mode

 Top speed is limited to   80   kmph, 

 Acceleration 0-40   kmph   @ 3.2s

 Top speed is limited to 80   kmph,

 Acceleration 0-40 kmph @   3.4s

  Ride Mode

 Top speed is limited to   60 kmph, 

 Acceleration 0 -  32   kmph  @ 3.5s

 Top speed is limited to 60   kmph,

 Acceleration 0 - 32   kmph @ 3.5s

  Eco Mode

 Top speed is limited to   50   kmph,

 Acceleration 0- 28   kmph @ 3.5s.

 Top speed is limited to 50   kmph,

 Acceleration 0-28   kmph @ 3.5s.

  Custom Mode

 You can limit the Top   Speed as per your need You can limit the Top   Speed  as per your need

Take the electric scooter off the side stand, ensure the kill switch is off. First switch on the motor by pressing one of the Brakes and the Motor Start Button on the handlebar. Once the motor is switched on, press simultaneously one of the brakes and long press the Park button to engage the electric scooter in reverse.

Once you have entered in the reverse mode, use negative throttle to reverse the electric scooter and positive throttle to move it forward. The top speed in reverse mode will be limited to 3 kmph


  1. Just Press the brakes and the Park button to switch on the electric scooter in reverse
  2. Press the Kill Switch
  3. Switch off the electric scooter


Give throttle input in reverse direction to engage regenerative braking, degree of throttle input will control the force of regenerative braking

Your VIDA electric scooter comes with a cruise control feature. It allows you to ride at a constant speed without any constant input to the throttle.


1. Engage the Cruise Control button, an amber cruise symbol will appear on the right corner of the TFT.

2. Choose the speed at which you want to cruise at, this speed needs to be more than 30 kmph and less than 60 kmph. Once you arrive at the desired speed press the “Set” button to engage the cruise control, the amber cruise symbol will turn to green.

3. Adjust the Cruise Speed using “+”/”-“ by +/- 2kmph respectively

The throttle works normally in “Cruise Mode”. Simply open the accelerator in cruise mode to increase your speed, the top speed achievable for the overtake is limited by the “Top Speed” limit of the ride mode in which the electric scooter is moving.

Any throttle input will result in the "Crusie Mode" being disengaged, the green cruise mode symbol on the TFT will turn amber

Braking either through the “Brake Lever” or “Regenerative Braking” will result in the Cruise control being disengaged, the green cruise mode symbol on the TFT will turn amber.

Press the Resume button while in the Cruise Mode, above the speed of 30 kmph to resume at the last engaged cruising speed.

1. Any throttle (positive and negative) and brake input will disengage the cruise control and the green cruise mode symbol on the TFT will turn amber. The electric scooter is still in Cruise Mode but the cruise speed will not be engaged.

2. To exit the cruise mode press the “Cruise Button” to exit the mode, the Cruise symbol will disappear from the TFT

Bring the electric scooter to a stop.

Option 1:

a.    You may or may not turn the handlebar to the extreme corner and press the “Vehicle On/Off” button to switch off the electric scooter.

b.    Ensure the Handle bar is in the extreme left or right position and then press the “Vehicle On/Off” button to lock the electric scooter.

Option 2:

Turn the handlebar to the extreme left/right corner and long press the “Vehicle On/Off” button to simultaneously switch off and lock the electric scooter

Press the Hazard Light button on the right handle bar to switch on the Hazard Lights. Kindly use this feature only when the electric scooter isn't functioning properly. Press the same button to switch these lights off.