Exchange Terms & Conditions

  • Exchange offer is only applicable on purchase of VIDA V1.
  • This Exchange offer is applicable only on exchange of petrol two-wheelers vehicles. The existing EV vehicles are not eligible in this proposition.
  •  The exchange offer is from the third party vendors and is subject to their discretion and terms & conditions. HMCL and HMCL dealer partners are just acting as a facilitator for the Exchange offer for the ease of its customers.
  • A final quote provided by the third party is solely dependent on the information provided by the customer on the website
  • Once the final quote is accepted by the customer, he/she has to bring their vehicle with all required documents to the nearest VIDA Experience Center within 48 hours.
  •  Required documents-
    1-    RC original copy
    2-    No objection certificate in case of hypothecation
    3- Insurance Copy
  • This is not the exclusive list the final details will be share by vendor.
  • Physical inspection of the vehicle and verification of documents at VIDA Experience Center will be done by a third party vendor only.
  • If the vehicle is accepted under exchange offer after physical inspection of vehicle and verification of documents, then customer has to immediately hand over the vehicle along with necessary documents to the third party vendor. Once the vehicle has been handover to the third party vendor at the experience center, then customer will not be able to cancel this exchange offer.
  •  If the information provided on the website is found to be incomplete/incorrect during the physical evaluation, the third party vendor reserves the right to cancel the final quote provided on
  • If the final quote is canceled by a third party vendor due to mismatch of vehicle information or any other reason, the Customer has to pay the differential amount (i.e., exchange value) within 48 hours by visiting the nearest VIDA Experience Center, else HMCL dealer partner will be bound to cancel the booking order.
  •  If HMCL dealer partner cancels the booking order, then the refund will happen as per refund policy available on the website
  • Price offered by the third party vendor against the exchanged vehicle will be automatically adjusted against the total booking amount of VIDA V1.
  • Customer has the right to cancel the final quote offered by the third party vendor any time before accepting the final quote after physical verification. In such a situation, the customer will have to pay the differential amount at the nearest Experience Center.
  •  However, HMCL & HMCL dealer partners reveres its rights to opt out of this association any time without any prior intimation.

This buy-back program shall be called “Assured Buy Back” and is offered by Autovert Technologies Private Limited

1. Program can be redeemed any time after the start of the 16 th month but necessarily needs to be
redeemed by the end of the 18th month from the date of purchase of the vehicle (Invoice date as recorded in
the original invoice of the vehicle), by providing a month’s prior notice
3. Vehicle should not have traveled more than 15,000 Kms at the time of redemption of the program
4. Vehicle should have been maintained as per service schedule and maintenance instructions prescribed by OEM from time to time, within the program time
5. Only the first owner of the Vehicle can avail of the benefits under the said program.
6. Vehicle should not have been used for commercial/off-roading/racing purposes at any time within the program
7. Vehicle should have no outstanding loans or hypothecation/charge/pledge at the time of redemption of the program
8. Vehicle should have all the original documents (Registration Certificate, Insurance, Invoice, etc.) valid and in order as per applicable law at all times and need to present the same for the redemption of the program
9. Vehicle VIN, chassis number, motor serial number, software, and odometer should not have been tampered with at any time, leading to the redemption of the program becoming invalid.