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pack warranty for a total of 5 years and 60,000 km.


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The Battery+ extended warranty plan is designed as a backup shield in case a
need arises to repair or replace the VIDA V1 battery. This occurs in the rare case
when the battery fails to function properly or its effciency decreases.


The Battery+ extended warranty comes with a host of benefits.



5-year protection

Complete coverage of both

failure and performance

Hassle-free transfer

of ownership




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5 years coverage for your peace of mind

Ride worry-free. The Battery+ plan provides complete coverage for your VIDA V1 battery for 5 years or 60,000 km.

High resale value

Get complete coverage not only when the battery fails but also when the performance degrades by more than 30%.

All inclusive plan

Enjoy a higher resale value, as the warranty is fully transferable to the new owner.

Comprehansive coverage

Avail complete coverage of battery replacement and labour costs. You’re covered against all expenses.



To purchase the VIDA Battery+ extended
warranty pack, follow these steps:

  • Visit the nearest VIDA Dealership
    and get in touch with our dealer
    partner for extended warranty.
  • Make the payment
    to our dealer partner.
  • Receive the extended warranty
    policy on your email ID.

Availing Benefits

The claims journey is effortless and effcient.
Read below to know how to go about it:

  • Visit any VIDA Authorised service
    centre in India and carry your policy
  • Get the battery tested; our service
    technicians will be happy to assist
    you with this.
  • If battery failure or degradation
    is found, get a replacement or
    repair done easily.

FAQs and T&C's

1)What are the key features of Extended Warranty?
The key features of Extended Warranty are as follows:

  1. Peace of mind:
    a. Battery replacement is costly. Extended warranty covers battery replacement.
    b. The Extended Warranty plan provides complete peace of mind as the battery and its
    components are covered for upto 60,000 kms or 5 years
    c. The average driven range of a two wheeler is 7000 to 10000 kms per year and thus
    extended warranty offers sufficient cover for all customers

  2. High Resale Value:
    a. Used vehicle buyer is likely to pay higher for your VIDA V1 with Extended warranty due
    to longer visibility with regards to battery life

  3. Transferable to New Owner:
    a. As mentioned above, the Extended Warranty is designed to increase resale value and is
    completely transferable to new owner

  4. Inclusive of Labor Cost:
    a. The Extended Warranty plan includes the labor charges and is designed to provide
    maximum convenience to the customer

  5. Simple Terms and Conditions
    a. The Extended warranty plan TnCs are straightforward and are designed to ensure hassle
    free claims experience

 2) What is the Extended Warranty plan?
    The Extended Warranty plan provides peace-of-mind to customers by        extending the base warranty
(available for 3 years from delivery) for an additional period of 2 years (i.e. to the 4th & 5th year).
The plan provides coverage for both product failure and performance degradation. Performance
degradation coverage will be triggered if the State of Health (SoH) of the battery is below the 70%
3) What is the coverage period of the Extended Warranty?
Extended Warranty covers the battery for a 2 year period post 3 years of manufacturer warranty. There
is a limit of 60,000 Km for availing the plan benefits. This helps contain unnecessary part replacement
cost for the customer and helps provide 5 year visibility for the covered part(s) & reduces the total cost
of ownership.
4) What does it cover?
Company will provide replacement/repair of the parts (Battery)) that are damaged due to
manufacturing defects or workmanship, at free of cost including the labour charges. The defective parts
will be the company's property.
What is the price of Extended Battery Warranty?
The price for Extended Battery warranty is Rs.6999 + GST for VIDA V1 Pro

5) What is not covered under the Extended Warranty plan?
Any natural wear and tear, physical damage, consumables, parts and conditions excluded in
manufacturer warranty, customer negligence related damage, modifications/alterations,
deletion/defacement/alternation of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and BIN (Battery Identification
Number), theft, abuse, accident, flooding, fire etc. Please refer the plan Terms and Conditions
6) Is the Extended Warranty transferable?
Yes. In case of vehicle sale to another person, the Extended Warranty will be transferred to the new
7) How can I claim the Extended Warranty?
In case of a manufacturing defect or significant range degradation, bring the scooter to an authorised
service garage along with the certificate of warranty mailed to you.
If the part is covered under the extended warranty, the garage will initiate the extended warranty claim
with Acko.
8) Where can I buy the Extended Warranty from?
You can only buy the Extended warranty from select Hero authorised dealerships and Acko.

9)When can I buy the Extended Warranty?
You can buy the Extended warranty within 6 months from the date of invoice of your VIDA V1.

I already own a VIDA V1, can I purchase Extended Warranty?
All existing VIDA V1 owners are eligible to purchase the Extended Battery Warranty from 1 st December,
2023 till 29th Feb, 2024 provided the vehicle has not been used for more than 25000 Kms.


10 ) I already own a VIDA V1, can I purchase Extended Warranty?
All existing VIDA V1 owners are eligible to purchase the Extended Battery Warranty from 1 st December, 2023 till 29th Feb, 2024 provided the vehicle has not been used for more than 25000 Kms.

 Plan Name    Battery Extended Warranty Plan  
 Plan Start Date     XXX(Invoice date + 3 years)
 Plan End Date    XXX(Invoice date + 3 years)

The Acko Battery Extended Warranty Plan (hereinafter “Plan”) is offered by Acko Technology &

Services Pvt Ltd (hereinafter “Acko”) for your vehicle’s battery, the details of which are recorded
above (hereinafter “Battery”) and shall be effective for the Plan Term (as described below).

This Plan is designed to extend your Battery’s protection from any inherent manufacturing defects
and other defects as mentioned herein below, for the duration of the Plan Term. This Plan is valid
only for new vehicle batteries purchased along with your vehicle and is not valid for refurbished or
second-hand vehicle batteries.

  1. Eligibility
    The Plan is offered on the payment of the necessary Plan Fee for purchase of the Battery Extended
    Warranty Plan for your Battery. You must continue to service your vehicle only at the OEM authorised
    Service Centres.
    You must inform us immediately and in any event within 30 days of any change in the Battery Serial
    Number (recorded above).
    If the Plan is purchased for someone other than yourself (such as a friend, relative etc) or is
    transferred to another individual by way of sale or exchange for personal use, you will be required to
    update the details of the customer under the Plan to Acko for the Battery for which the Plan has
    been purchased at the earliest. However, in no event will the protection under this Plan extend to a
    Battery which is contained in a vehicle being used for commercial purpose or any purpose other than
    for personal use.

  2. Plan Features & Conditions
    Acko will provide the repair or replacement of your Battery pack and/or serviceable components
    within Battery during the Plan Term, subject to the following conditions and the terms, conditions
    and exclusions contained in this Plan:

(a) The Battery pack is in its original condition as supplied by the OEM and has not been tampered
with in any way.
(b) Acko will repair or replace the Battery under this Plan only if the Battery exhibits a nominal
battery storage capacity reduction of 30% or more of the OEM published nominal capacity for
that Battery’s make and model. However, Acko can repair or replace the Battery where nominal
battery storage capacity reduction is less than 30%, at its sole discretion. For either cases, Acko
also retains the right to offer cash payout at its discretion
(c) The repair or replacement of defective parts in the Battery will be in accordance with the
technical requirements determined by the OEM or the OEM authorised Service Centre. Acko shall,
in its sole discretion, confirm whether the repair or replacement of the defective part(s) in the
Battery will be provided for under this Plan.

(d) Acko’s liability is limited to the cost of repair of the Battery and the related labour, component
and conveyance costs for such repair.

(e) Acko will also provide for the labour costs of removing and installing any defective parts in the
Battery provided that such repairs are carried out at an OEM authorised service centre only.
(f) Acko will not repair or replace the Battery under this Plan if the Battery has been used in the
same vehicle for a distance exceeding a maximum of 60,000 km driven range from the date of
first registration of the vehicle.
(g) Acko shall not make any payment for the cost of any enhancements, alterations, additions and/or
improvements made during the course of any replacement or repair.
(h) If, in Acko’s sole determination, the cost of repairs of the battery is likely to exceed or equal its
market value at the time of the repair request, and/or the invoice value of the Battery, Acko will
instead offer a replacement battery of comparable value and specifications, per its sole and
absolute discretion. Such replacement product will be provided only if you agree to surrender the
original Battery.
(i) The plan will not cover any damage to the vehicle driven by battery related issues such as
leakage etc.
3. Plan Activation & Term
You do not need to activate the Plan separately. Your Plan is activated with the successful delivery of
the Plan certificate.

The Plan Term will automatically commence from the later of 3 years from the date of delivery of the
vehicle specified in the vehicle invoice or after the expiry of the OEM warranty period for the Battery.
Once the Plan Term commences, it shall continue until the earliest of the following events upon the
occurrence of which the Plan will immediately and automatically terminate:

a. The Plan End Date recorded above; or
b. The Battery being used in the same vehicle for a distance exceeding 60,000 km driven range
from the date of first registration of the vehicle, as mentioned above
Once the Plan is purchased by you, it cannot be cancelled by you before or during the Plan Term and
no costs will be refunded to you if you no longer wish to proceed with the Plan.

  1. Plan Exclusions
    Acko shall not be liable to make any payments with respect to repair requests, if directly
    or indirectly caused due to, attributable to or arising from any of the following:

a. Normal wear and tear of components not integral to the functioning of the Battery
b. Any costs covered under the OEM manufacturer’s warranty, any other applicable warranty, or
under any existing plan or insurance, Including any motor insurance policy.
c. Theft, loss, untraceability, accidental damage, or any damage to the battery.
d. Any tampering with the Battery or Battery pack or tampering or removal of the warranty seal by
any unauthorised party.
e. Any loss caused due to abuse, negligence, misuse of the battery in contravention of the
underlying OEM manufacturer’s warranty, or where the battery has undergone unauthorised
f. Any failure to service your vehicle at the OEM authorised service centre.
g. Any loss or damage caused due to chemicals, prolonged immersion in water or using high
pressure cleaners/liquids to the battery/ battery pack or BMS, direct contact with saltwater or
h. Any loss or damage due to the Battery not being handled, charged or maintained as
recommended by the OEM in the owner’s manual.
i. Any loss or damage due to the Battery not being discharged at the recommended discharge rates
specified by the OEM in the owner’s manual.
j. Any loss or damage due to the Battery pack not being used in the temperature range specified by
the OEM in the owner’s manual or any exposure of the Battery to open fire.
k. Any loss or damage due to the Battery not being charged in accordance with the OEM
recommended rates and/or any unauthorised charging attempt bypassing the BMS control.
l. The usage of the vehicle in which the Battery is contained for commercial purpose or any other
purpose other than for personal use.
m. The presence of any signs or other indications of physical damage, connector damage, wire cut
or wire melting in the Battery.
n. Batteries irrevocably damaged due to or recovered from deep discharge. For the purpose of this
exclusion, deep discharge shall be considered as any discharge due to prolonged period of
battery not being used leading to voltage of battery falling below recommended levels , but not
discharge due to defects that may occur due to internal defects in a cell.
o. Any removal of the Battery pack by any person other than the OEM authorised service centre.
p. Any defects which are subject to the OEM manufacturer’s recall.
q. Any defects or problems not covered under the OEM manufacturer’s warranty.

  1. General Conditions
    a. The Plan is valid only in India.
    b. Where a replacement battery is provided by Acko under this Plan, the original Battery shall
    be surrendered by customer to Acko, or its authorised representatives.
    c. If any repair request is dishonest or fraudulent in any manner, the Plan will be
    terminated with no return of fees and payment of any amounts that may be due and
    payable under it.
    d. This Plan is a service contract offered by Acko to customers and it shall not be considered or
    construed as an insurance plan or policy by Acko. Acko has availed a Service Contract Liability
    Insurance Policy (SCLIP) from Acko General Insurance Limited for this Service Contract.

  2. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
    The Plan shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Courts at
    Bengaluru shall have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising from this Plan.

  3. Force Majeure
    Any delays in or failure of performance of any obligations by either Acko or you under this Plan shall
    not constitute default hereunder if and to the extent caused by a force majeure event, which is
    defined to be occurrences beyond the control of the party committing default, including but not
    limited to acts of the government authorities, acts of God, fire, flood, explosion, riots, war,
    rebellion, insurrection, sabotage and non-cooperation of third parties, provided, however, that such
    defaulting party shall give prompt notice to the other and shall use reasonable efforts to avoid or
    remove such cause of non-performance and shall continue performance hereunder whenever such
    causes are removed.

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