Uphill Rides Never Felt Smoother.


Published by VIDA

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Date: 26th Dec, 23 


Rider Riding VIDA Electric Scooter on Inclined Road


Uphill Rides Never Felt Smoother.

Going Up & Above Made Smoother and Easier

Everyday commutes are full of uphill climbs and inclines. Ever wondered if electric scooters are ready for them? We know we are!  


With the right balance of design and engineering, we proudly present to you, the 20-degree incline capacity of the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter. Go uphill without any power loss, even with a pillion rider!


But how did we make it possible? Keep reading to find out!


A little about motors in general:


Motors run the electric scooter and determine their capacity. There are largely two types of motors that are used.


Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors

- Installed on the rear tire
- Affordable and accessible But also
- Increases weight on the rear tire causing jerks over potholes
- Reduces efficiency during high speeds

PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)

- Extremely powerful and efficient
- Used by best-in-class EV manufacturers But also
- Has a belt that needs to be replaced often due to the wear and tear


Our Choice

We worked out a way to combine the best features of both the motors!


A hybrid motor that doesn’t need to be fitted on the rear tire but also doesn’t have expensive elements like the belt from the PMSM. This helped us get the desired results that we were aiming for: fantastic efficiency and reduced maintenance costs for the consumers. The VIDA V1 Electric Scooter can run smoothly even at a higher speed!


Fun Fact : This motor is also the reason for our scooter being super silent!


To break it down:


Inclines and uphill roads are a part of all of our commutes. The VIDA V1 makes it smoother and easier for consumers to own inclines without any power loss, even if they have company!


Great performance, expert engineering, and the desire to improve every rider’s experience are what help us make the VIDA V1 your ride of change!