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Date: 4th Mar 24





In the constant zest of innovations in the two-wheeler industry, VIDA, the emerging mobility unit of Hero MotoCorp., debuted at the International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition, EICMA 2023. 


This event is a mecca for innovation and aspirations of every product team at various prestigious companies from around the world. The event showcases a constant influx of innovations and influential elements, the thought processes of the participating teams, their design capabilities and so much more, making it an indispensable platform for the industry. Boasting a rich history of over 100 years, EICMA stands today as a beacon of inspiration for mobility, acting as a trend incubator and a global reference event. 


At VIDA, we believe in innovation and improving the future of mobility. Keeping this in mind, we developed the concept of four electric 2-wheelers - Lynx & Acro (Concept Vehicles) and the new and improvised VIDA V1 Pro and ACPC Coupe, that could potentially be of great use in the near future.


Stealing the spotlight was the VIDA Lynx, an off-road electric motorcycle that defies conventional norms. Weighing in at a mere 82 kg, this minimalist marvel is meticulously crafted to conquer the toughest terrains, propelled by a robust electric motor that promises not just a ride but an immersive adventure into the future of off-road thrills. Yet, VIDA's showcase extended far beyond the Lynx. The VIDA Acro, an entry-level electric motorcycle concept designed for children, took the stage with its 3-point adjustable frame and affordable household appliance batteries.

Additionally, the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter, already renowned for its versatility, introduced the 'Coupe' accessory, allowing riders to seamlessly switch between a sleek single-seater or a two-seater configuration, providing a personalised experience that blends practicality with personal expression.

The new VIDA V1 Pro boasts everything that we got right and everything else that we observed over the years and made right. With an improved range, tech features, and more, we proudly presented this mechanical marvel to the world. 


Amidst the electric buzz, VIDA is making waves, seamlessly blending timeless charm with intuitive technology. These models cater to riders who crave the perfect mix of power and style. Whether you're a fan of the quiet hum of an electric motor or the heart-pounding roar of an engine, VIDA has curated an experience just for you.


As the curtains draw on EICMA 2023, the resonance of VIDA as a movement shaping the future of mobility lingers. Stay tuned for the thrilling journey into the world of electric innovation, poised to redefine the very essence of riding. 

Buckle up, as VIDA paves the way in electric mobility & beyond!

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