Come, Take A Peek Into The VIDA World!


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Date: 29th Dec, 23 


 Modern Riders showcasing the World of VIDA Electric Scooters


Welcome to the world of VIDA! We are excited to have you in this space that's all about bringing about and being the change.

We come from the powerhouse of innovation -  Hero MotoCorp, the unparalleled global leader in two-wheelers with a staggering 100 million enthusiasts worldwide — along with the biggest research and development facility in India and a plant that’s run on renewable resources. Our vision is to empower the next generation of changemakers and we are on our way to fulfil it by introducing our first ride of change, the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter.

Staying true to the words of Dr Pawan Munjal, MD, Hero MotoCorp, “I envision VIDA empowering millions of people around the world to do the right thing, and be a part of the change that they want to see. By creating a positive impact on our planet”. We made our way to the showrooms on March 3, 2022. Each day we're focused on defining the future of mobility.

We weren’t the first among many, but we wanted to get it right.
Smart, robust, and tech-intuitive, it’s a scooter that has it all! And we have built an EV ecosystem to bring you a scooter that truly does it all!


Meet your ride of change

The VIDA Electric Scooter specifications are what make this electric scooter perfect for urban mobility. A top speed of 80 kmph, acceleration that goes 0-40 kmph in just 3.2 seconds, and a 20-degree incline capacity, among other things. What’s more? It’s also equipped with 2 removable batteries, 26L boot space, 100+ custom riding modes, best-in-class* largest LED headlamps, an SOS button, KeyFob, and so much more!

We are phygital, in the next lane, and just a click away

It’s not just an electric scooter; it’s an experience beyond mobility. Explore what more our scooter can do on our website, dealership network, and VIDA Hub, or walk into your nearest VIDA Experience Center. Take the VIDA V1 Pro for a spin from the experience center or enjoy the at-home pick-up and drop service for a convenient test ride, and trust your own test to see if we really got it right. Ride to a charging station to power up your batteries or book a slot online through the MY VIDA App. We are giving you everything you need to set out on an electric journey.

We take care of your electric scooter for you

A 360° ownership experience is what makes us the choice of so many people across India. With our subscription service called the VIDA Advantage, our consumers can access 40+ features related to security, safety, and charging.
With the convenience of the MY VIDA App, get timely notifications to check the health of your scooter, service reminders, and more, to keep it in the best possible condition. Got more queries? Walk in anytime to the VIDA workshop, and we will take care of any further concerns you may have. The Hero VIDA features an array of services that are part of our emobility ecosystem, curated just for your convenience.

We are setting optimism in motion

The world needs a whole lot of change today. We realise that one electric scooter can’t do it all. But we also know that it can inspire the next person, the next one, and a whole bunch of them to create a world that we all want to live in. We are building the next generation of changemakers. A community that believes in change. The one that believes in doing little things that will have a larger impact The ones that will inspire each other to be better and to do better. And eventually, make way for a world where clean mobility is a reality and we all breathe the same clean air that we all worked so hard for.

We want you to MAKE WAY

No matter where you choose to go after this, know that there’s possibly a seat on any of the VIDA electric scooters with your name on it. Come, be a part of the VIDA World, an ev community that’s charged up to make way for change.