Today is the day we MAKEWAY


Published by VIDA

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Date: 30th Dec, 23


 Riders Riding VIDA Electric Scooter with flag in Hand


Nearly after a year ago, VIDA V1’s story is ready for the world.

We're inspired by those who are leading the way towards a better future. Together, we hold the power to drive positive change. Together, we can MAKE WAY.



With our brand film, we wanted to bring out what Make Way meant to us. A rallying cry for change, a vision to work on designing a smart, strong, and tech-intuitive electric scooter, a roaring invitation to pave the way for the people who are ready to change the world’s ways.

These are the people who ride for a reason. For a planet bigger than themselves. For a future that doesn’t end at finite destinations. For a nation that needs new heroes.
And we have featured the very heroes who will stand up for equal rights, protect the animals, save the environment, take accountability for their surroundings, uplift the ones who need a hand, and do much more. They will make moves that matter.

Remember these heroes. Remember their names. Because long after they are gone, their names will remain. In the world’s memory, in the chronicles of history, and on the road signs of the roads they once crossed.


VIDA V1 riders aren't just commuters; they are visionaries, pioneers, and changemakers of today and tomorrow. In starting their electric scooter, they are starting something much bigger.

Be a part of something bigger and better. With VIDA.