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Date: 8th May, 24




India’s infrastructure sector is expected to grow at a rate of almost 10% every year. Though crucial for the country’s growth, construction activities can affect road conditions and make riding a challenge. The VIDA V1 Electric Scooter is specially designed to give you a comfortable ride in India’s rapidly developing cities.


Let’s have a look at what makes the VIDA V1 the master of urban commute.


Built to Last, the Urban Landscape

The VIDA V1 is powered by Hero MotoCorp and rigorously tested to stand the test of Indian road conditions. Be it potholes, speed bumps, or rough roads, its finely tuned suspension system and ergonomic sitting position ensure a comfortable ride. 

India has harsh weather conditions, including heavy rains and high temperatures, that can affect the performance of vehicles. The VIDA V1 has been certified with IP67 & IP68 ratings for dust and water resistance, and tested in temperatures ranging from 0℃ to 50℃.


The powerful hub-mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) gives the scooter a 20° incline capacity and helps it conquer the inclines of the urban landscape, even with a pillion rider, while ensuring minimal power loss and a peaceful, silent ride. 


The scooter has a 20° incline capacity and can conquer the inclines of the urban landscape, even with a pillion rider, while ensuring minimal power loss and a peaceful, silent ride. 


That's why we call it A Silent Powerhouse!


But the riding experience also depends on the terrain, traffic and road conditions and to give you the best experience every time, the VIDA V1 has different riding modes. 


Right Mode for the Right Road

Not all roads are the same, so why should the riding modes?


Whether you're navigating through busy streets or zipping down open highways, the VIDA V1 has riding modes for different road conditions and riding styles. 


The Eco Mode is tuned for an easy-going ride in heavy traffic conditions while conserving a good amount of battery power. The Ride Mode is designed for a rapid ride in city conditions for a balanced riding experience. The Sport Mode is the best choice for fast riding with bursts of acceleration and power on demand for the highways.


The scooter can automatically switch between riding modes as per your riding style so that your attention is always where it should be; on the road!


But the best part is the 100+ Custom Riding Modes!
Yes, you can adjust the scooter’s Speed, Regen, and Acceleration to tailor the ride to your preferences. And if you love open roads, Cruise Control would be your favourite feature. 

But braking is also just as important, and VIDA V1 is a master at decelerating efficiently.


Regenerative Braking

Ever been in such traffic that you needed to hit the brakes more than the accelerator?


You must have experienced it! Traffic will remain, but now at least you won’t experience range anxiety in a traffic jam because the VIDA V1 comes with regenerative braking. 


So basically, the more you hit the brakes, the more you charge your battery!


Parking Assist

Your ride also has a reverse throttle for parking assistance that allows you to park your VIDA V1 even in otherwise difficult spots without a lot of physical effort.


Now that's what we call Mastering Urban Commute!


So why wait? Ride change and master your urban commute with the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter.

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