Riding the Spectrum of Change. 


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Date: 27th Dec, 23 


 Different Colour Shades of VIDA Electric Scooters


Riding the Spectrum of Change
-ft. the shades of VIDA V1


Colours communicate emotions, evoke feelings, and establish a unique identity. Colours are powerful tools. Think about it, the vibrant red of passion, the serene blue of calm, or the bold black of confidence. These hues are carefully selected to create a lasting impact. We at VIDA picked 5 such distinct colours that fit everyone’s lifestyle and choices. 


These hues, Orange, Cyan, Red, White and Black on our VIDA V1 Electric Scooters aren't merely aesthetic choices. They encapsulate the essence of our brand whilst mirroring the colours of the horizon. From calming blue to fiery orange, they symbolise optimistic transformation and endless possibilities that come with every VIDA V1 ride.


Orange radiates enthusiasm and warmth, embodying the joy of riding with us, while Cyan brings an energetic, courageous vibe, inspiring you to embrace new adventures fearlessly. Red signifies our passion for effortless travel, White represents accessibility and openness, and Black adds a touch of courage to your every journey.


You might wonder, why these colours?

Our thoughtful choices mirror our philosophy: optimistic, accessible, joyful, warm, energetic, passionate, and courageous. We envision your rides as more than just commuting, they're experiences filled with excitement and warmth.


So, when you ride a VIDA V1 Electric Scooter, remember you're not just travelling, you're bringing new colours to the ways of the world.


Let's transform every journey into a vibrant adventure together.


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