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Date: 5th Feb, 24




Ever wondered if an electric scooter is capable of changing the world? Depends on the things that it is capable of doing. When we thought of making one, we decided to do something that no one expected us to do. Creating a scooter that’s truly built to last. A scooter that has traversed 200,000 kms over 25,000 hours across various terrains and climate conditions. 1006 prototypes were tested before we launched the one we were absolutely sure of. We wanted to bring you a scooter that is prepared to change. Including the way you move. We proudly say that we aren’t India’s first electric scooter, we are right on time. 


To make the VIDA V1 your ride of change, these are some of the tests we conducted: 

  • Battery Drop Test - The battery is dropped from a height of 3-4 feet over and over again to check the strength of the battery and its performance. 

  • Vehicle Drop Test - The scooter is suspended at a distance and dropped to understand its resistance and strength 

  • Two-Poster Lab - Need clarity 

  • Thermal Chamber - The scooter is kept in a chamber where extreme temperatures are alternated to ensure the scooter can survive them.

  • Fleet and Pave Test - This is ideal for testing the durability of the vehicle and its components. 

  • Dust Tunnel Test - to check reliability relative to atmospheric effects from dry sand and dust

  • Shower Test - The vehicle is tested under a water shower to check if it’s truly waterproof and if it can withstand rain as well. 

  • Water Wading Test - This involves riding the scooter through different depths of water at different speeds


These tests, meeting IP 66 & 67 protection standards, demonstrate dedication to resilience against harsh elements. Temperature resilience, adherence to AIS 156 safety standards, and a thorough evaluation ensure every VIDA scooter delivers a reliable, tough, and worry-free electric vehicle experience.


At VIDA, we emerged as a reliable and innovative brand, embodying a promise for a better future by leveraging Hero's renowned reputation in the automotive industry. Beyond just an electric scooter, VIDA commits to a better world, manifesting reliability through design precision, robust engineering, and dedication to durability. As riders choose the VIDA V1 for its sleek design and smart features, Hero's pivotal role ensures performance and endurance, making VIDA more than a ride, it's a journey toward a sustainable and promising future.


As the world embraces electric mobility, VIDA stands tall, providing riders with a reliable, robust, smart, safe solution, tested and proven for 25,000 hours, setting the standard for worry-free electric vehicles in India and beyond.

Are you ready to test the ride of change?