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Date: 8th Feb, 24





Since we launched, we have been working towards achieving the sole purpose of democratising electric mobility. To do so, we introduced the VIDA V1 PRO which has features perfect for urban mobility like 2 removable batteries, 110 kms* range in a single full charge, a top speed of 80 kmph, 20-degree incline capacity, 100+ riding modes, and so much more. The VIDA V1 boasts a sturdy body, and a stylish look, and is powered by intuitive tech, making it the perfect companion for your commute.

We have also significantly increased the number of fast-charging stations across the country, we have also expanded our presence to newer cities while strengthening our presence in the cities we were already cruising.

We come from the house of Hero MotoCorp, a company that has been at the forefront of designing and developing technologically advanced motorcycles and scooters for customers around the world. And hence, we come equipped with a golden legacy, experience, an army of experts, and skills that enable us to create a scooter that’s not just smart and tech-forward, but also strong and well-built.

So what’s next? Read on to find out.

Making electric mobility a habit and a lifestyle

To expand the accessibility of VIDA V1 and to constantly keep meeting the demand, we are expanding across the country by partnering with a lot more dealers. And to help people experience VIDA’s Ecosystem first-hand, we have introduced a lot of VIDA Hubs in partnership without dealership partners. We truly believe that you only feel the change when you ride the VIDA V1 yourself. We are actively increasing the number of at-home test rides and even expanding our inventory to ensure that anyone who wants to ride the VIDA V1, gets to do it without having to wait!
To give you a sense of what it’s like to own the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter, we have introduced India’s first-ever 72-hour test ride. Go to work, hang out with your friends, hit the gym, or set out on a late-night ride. Experience electric for 3 days and then make it a lifestyle at just ₹249 per day!


Bringing user-friendly tech to your fingertips 

Our intuitive tech integration is what makes our ride truly electric and smart. We are constantly upgrading our backend configuration, app interface, and VIDA’s cloud to ensure a seamless configuration between you, your scooter, and the app, to give you timely updates regarding your next service that’s due, a prompt to book a slot, and to bring your scooter alive to fit into your lifestyle. Your VIDA V1 can become your partner in crime.
We are always working towards elevating your ownership experience with regard to safety, security, and connectivity with our tech-forward approach. So you can know your scooter more than you have ever known!


Making community spaces more community-friendly
We are taking charge of charging like never before! In our pursuit to make electric mobility a global reality, one of the factors we are primarily trying to develop is charging infrastructure. We are working on building community chargers in shared places like coworking spaces, gated community societies, etc where all-electric vehicles, be they scooters or cars, can be charged. This will be a huge step towards making charging convenient for the existing EV community and at the same time, encourage more people to embrace the EV lifestyle.
Along with our existing infrastructure, we will be collaborating with Ather to bring you a bigger network of fast-charging stations, making it easier and more accessible to power up! With the introduction of Community Chargers, we will broaden our horizons to welcome electric cars to power up as well! We are committed to electric mobility a global reality and we will keep making more and more developments to achieve that vision.

Enhanced ownership
Providing 360° ownership experience is something we take great pride in. Roadside Assistance, Pick up & Drop services, Extended Battery Warranty Plan - VIDA Battery+, our subscription plan that caters to safety, security, and connectivity, and so much more, we have everything you need to experience a better way to move!
Our partner dealers also provide maintenance services. This means you can get your VIDA V1 serviced at the same place that you bought it from, making it a complete ownership experience.

At VIDA, we are forever working towards developing and upgrading our products and services. What would you like to see next at the VIDA World? We would love to hear from you!