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Date: 10th Apr, 24




We get it; you’re busy, but at the same time intrigued with the ever-growing demand of EVs. Wanting to own one perhaps? We’ve got you!

But what if we told you it could be easy, and accessible, and you probably wouldn’t even have to leave your house for it? Sounds impossible?

We are making it happen with the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter.

From the time you hear about us until you ride the VIDA V1 home, and even after that, we are with you every step of the way. To help you make informed decisions and enable you to experience electric like never before.

We are phygital, in the next lane, and just a click away

Helmet on, join us as we take you through all the ways we have put ourselves out there!

Meeting us for the first time:

In order to give you a complete experience, we have multiple avenues open for you to get in touch with us. Our website <hyperlink the website>, is your one-stop online destination to try, buy, and explore everything you need to know about the VIDA V1. From your phone screen, you can find us on social media platforms <hyperlink>, and we’re listed even on Flipkart <hyperlink> & Amazon <hyperlink>!

You can also walk into our experience centres (Bengaluru & Jaipur), VIDA Hubs, and Hero Dealerships <hyperlink dealer locator>!
Here, our product specialists will tell you everything you need to know about who we are, what we do, and what you will be riding. And, of course, you can also get first-hand experience of what it’s like to experience enhanced mobility by test riding the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter!

Wanna hear something cool?
You can take a test ride at home!
If you want to experience a test ride in your locality, we will bring the VIDA V1 to your doorstep.
With this, you take back all the answers and a great test ride experience, too!

Owning the VIDA V1

Once you become a part of our community, you unlock a world of seamless ownership at every step of the way. On an everyday basis, you can control your electric scooter with just an app! Right from setting riding modes <hyperlink to the 100+ riding modes blog>, navigate, switch on your scooter, and make the most of riding a tech-first scooter!

Along with all this, we bring you ways to make your smart scooter smarter. VIDA Advantage, a unique plan curated to enhance the ownership experience of every VIDA V1 Rider! It consists of
- Free charging at any of our fast-charging stations
- Free service at any of our workshops
- VIDA Battery+ our extended battery warranty
- 24x7 roadside assistance
- 40+ connectivity, safety, and security features

Should you need maintenance, we have an at-home service facility where an expert will show up at your doorstep in 60 minutes, a growing network of VIDA workshops, and 24x7 roadside assistance in case of emergencies!

We have got your back at all times, whenever you need us. And the best part, the power is in your hands to choose how you want to approach us.

We truly believe in taking care of our community and making it stronger by making developments that constantly cater to your needs.

Do you think we have everything covered? Let us know your thoughts!