Why Should Your Electric Scooter Have Two Removable Batteries?


Published by VIDA

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Date: 31st Dec, 23


 VIDA Electric Scooter with Removable Batteries


We believe the battery is the beating heart of any electric vehicle. You practically cannot run any EV without the batteries in it. And hence, we knew that we didn't have to just place the battery in the scooter; we had to think of all the practicalities and possibilities that would give consumers a chance to trust VIDA and it's offerings.

We worked relentlessly to turn our vision of democratizing electric mobility into reality. Keeping convenience and ease in mind, we innovated and achieved our audacious vision. To bring you an electric scooter with two removable batteries - with the ambition that these can be charged anywhere, can be safely kept anywhere outside of the scooter, can in the future become swappable, and can be easily replaced if damaged anyhow. With this, we took charge of charging!

But why two removable batteries? Why not one? How are these batteries enhancing the VIDA V1 ownership experience?

Read on to find out!


The Performance

Each battery pack is capable of providing a power output of about 1.92 kWh. With the two removable batteries, the VIDA V1 gives you 7 Wh, which in turn gives you a better range.

The Ease And Convenience

If we were to provide one battery instead of two, it would have been a hassle to remove the battery because it would have weighed 20+ kgs! The two removable batteries now weigh about half the weight - 11 kgs each. They have been created keeping in mind the best possible performance that can be achieved from these batteries and the easiest way to carry them around.


It’s very convenient to remove the batteries and plug them in anywhere you like. At home, at work, at a cafe while you're having coffee, at a friend's place when you're hanging out, anywhere, really. The VIDA V1 comes with a portable charger that plugs into any standard 5A socket and can be used to charge these batteries.


Removable, not swappable. For your safety.

Our batteries aren’t swappable, they're configured to each VIDA V1 Electric Scooter. No one else can take your batteries and use them as their own. They become your assets, and you have complete ownership of these very crucial components.

PS: A couple of things to remember

- Make sure you don’t completely drain out your batteries.
- Ensure your batteries are equally charged. Or at least charged at a ratio of 40-60 or 30-70. But don’t let the difference go down to 10-90.
- Keep your batteries away from water or any humid areas to ensure their longevity.
- As a healthy practice, ensure that you wipe down your batteries with a microfiber cloth that comes with the portable charger.
- For your peace of mind, we provide a three-year warranty on both batteries. And an additional 2 years extended warranty too!


When we were making the  VIDA V1 Electric Scooter, we spent months observing, learning, and putting our customers' needs first. Enhanced ownership will be our priority, and we will keep making all sorts of changes possible to always be the ride of change for our changemakers and our potential changemakers too.



1. What are removable batteries & how can I charge them?


Each VIDA comes with two removable batteries (identical and interchangeable) which can be charged separately, practically anywhere, using the standard portable charger, given as a standard accessory.

2. How many units will be consumed per full charge?

VIDA will consume ~ 3.8  units per recharge cycle.