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Date: 8th Apr, 24



Ever wondered what’s the life of an Electric Scooter’s battery? When will you have to replace it? What will be the cost of new batteries? We’re here to take your electric scooter journey to the next level.

Introducing VIDA Battery+, a one-stop solution to ensure you have a worry-free ownership experience! Think of this 5-year warranty plan as a backup shield in case of any battery-related issues in your VIDA V1 Electric Scooter.

The VIDA Battery+ Plan stands out with its distinctive features. Offering a total coverage of 5 years or 60,000 km, that is, 3 initial years and an additional 2 worry-free years, it ensures extended peace of mind for your adventures.

How, you ask?
- The plan prioritises high resale value by providing complete coverage for battery failures and addressing battery performance deterioration that exceeds 30%.
- This comprehensive shield extends to cover battery replacement and associated labour costs, shielding you from unexpected expenses.
- The all-inclusive nature of the plan is highlighted by its fully transferable warranty, allowing the joy of riding to be passed on seamlessly and enhancing the resale value of your VIDA V1.
- Transitioning ownership is made hassle-free at VIDA-authorised service centres, where presenting your policy document initiates a smooth process handled by skilled technicians.
- In the event of battery issues, replacements or repairs are executed without unnecessary complications.


We’ve got you covered! Hop on the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter and experience enhanced ownership like never before.

What else do you worry about when you think of an electric vehicle? Let us help convince you!