VIDA Advantage


Published by VIDA

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Date: 7th Feb, 24




A new-age scooter with the same old after-sales service? No way!


Buying a vehicle, waiting for hours on end for customer service to respond, and eventually getting tired of owning the same vehicle you once couldn’t stop talking about. We have seen it all! And that’s why, we decided to change the way people owned the VIDA V1, re-imagined the ownership experience, and built an ecosystem that gave you as much joy as riding the VIDA V1.

Get the advantage of an enhanced ownership experience

We curated a smart subscription plan that makes your scooter smarter, called VIDA Advantage. A plan that includes the best of charging, safety & security features to help you experience intuitive tech in its true form.

We have further sectioned them to cover all the aspects of ownership:

Stay connected to our ever-developing charging grid
- Simply plug & charge, no advance booking required
- Get access to citywide fast-charging stations
- Never worry about running out of juice with our dense network of fast-charging stations made easily accessible with the My VIDA App.

We bring you the best tech to keep you and your VIDA V1 safe
- Notifications of unusual activities, straight to your phone with theft + accident alert
- Spot your scooter easily in dark and challenging locations as it uses light and sound to indicate its location, with the Ping my VIDA feature.
- Operate your scooter within specific boundaries with geo-fencing
- Immobilize your scooter with just a button, no matter where you are with Remote Immobilization
- 100+ custom riding modes
Unlock personalised riding preferences such as Regen, Top Speed and Acceleration

We keep your scooter in its best health for your non-stop adventures
- With periodic maintenance notifications are timely reminders to check your scooter’s components and to ensure you can get the most out of your VIDA V1 for a longer time.
- It’s better to be safe than stranded! With 24x7 roadside assistance, we have you covered at all times, no matter where you are. 

Why just ride electric when you can experience it too? 


The VIDA V1 truly comes alive when it is connected to our smart mobility system. As a company that is helping you ride the future of mobility with VIDA V1, we aim to keep making smart tech a part of your everyday riding.

What’s more? We bring you smart tech that keeps your scooter safe like theft + accident alerts, geofencing, remote immobilization, 100+ custom riding modes, you can get notifications of unusual activity straight to your phone, operate your scooter within specific boundaries immobilise your scooter with the MyVIDA App, and unlock more than 100 personalised riding preferences among regen, top speed, and acceleration.