With Purpose, We Make Way.


Published by VIDA

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Date: 25th Dec, 23 


VIDA Electric Scooter Riders Enjoying the Ride after a Full Charge


At VIDA, we had a vision to work on designing a smart, strong, and a tech-intuitive electric scooter, a roaring invitation to pave the way for the people who are ready to change the world’s ways. As we Make Way, our mission extends beyond democratising electric mobility. We are dedicated to empowering communities, transforming lives, and creating change. We tirelessly work for a better tomorrow for all.


You might wonder…

What’s next for VIDA


To ensure the accessibility of our electric scooters, we've adopted consumer-first solutions. With multiple financing options, there’s a VIDA V1 for everyone! Additionally, the 360-degree ownership experience is our commitment to breaking down barriers, making the possibility of owning an electric scooter a reality for everyone. Additionally, we aim to make VIDA globally accessible.


Culturally, we aspire to create a movement where riding change and electric vehicles become more than just choices; they become integral parts of people's identities. By initiating conversations, we aim to build a community of changemakers passionate about the shift towards cleaner mobility. The ones that will inspire change in others.


In every green number plate that crosses the streets, we see not just a vehicle but a collective stride towards environmental responsibility. Our efforts extend beyond manufacturing scooters; they are about inspiring confidence and fueling a movement toward cleaner mobility. By integrating VIDA into the daily lives of people, we are not just becoming a household name; we are becoming a vital part of communities, a symbol of progress and a catalyst for change.


With purpose, determination, and a shared commitment, we make way for a future where mobility is not just a convenience but a conscious choice that empowers, transforms, and creates lasting change.


Are you ready to Make Way with VIDA?