Your Mood, Your Mode


Published by VIDA

Read Time: 2 mins

Date: 9th Jan, 24 



Picture this:
You ride an electric scooter that’s strong, smart, tech-intuitive, AND it gives you the option to personalise your riding modes?
Sounds impossible? Not with the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter.

The VIDA V1 comes with 100+ riding preferences! There’s a mode for every mood.

Along with the preset Eco, Ride, and Sports mode, the VIDA V1 has an option to adjust regeneration. Acceleration, and speed to help you ride at your desired mode which changes automatically when you use the throttle. And the best part? You can also name your preferred mode after yourself! 


But first, let’s understand more about each mode and why did we add a few hundred more…

Eco mode (speed 0 to 30 kmph)
When you’re running low on charge, this mode will take you home!

Ride mode (30 to 60 kmph)
Ideal for most speed limits and traffic conditions, this mode is meant for the urban landscape.

Sports mode (60 to 80 kmph)
Meant for Open roads and empty streets. Let your hair down and enjoy the ride ( while keeping the rules and your safety in mind, of course)

But what if you want a certain level of speed while keeping the acceleration low? Or what if you are sharing the scooter with your family?

This is where the customisable riding experience comes in!

If you are going to work every day and you know the speed limit and the acceleration that will help you get there, then you can set that mode for your everyday use and ride on without having to make adjustments.

If a young adult or an elderly person is also using the scooter and you would like to control the speed from a safety point of view, then you can do that too, by just spending a few seconds on the MyVIDA App.
Check this video out to see what we’re talking about!

Owning a VIDA V1 isn’t just about riding an electric scooter. Among many other things, it’s about making everyday riding journeys a lot more special, smart, and personal. Experience smart tech combined with a state-of-the-art design that has been created keeping in mind delightful customer experiences. 

Check out our website to know how the VIDA V1 can change the way you move.