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Date: 28th Dec, 23


 Rider riding VIDA electric scooter after charging it.


Based on our research in 2018, when we at VIDA, started to develop/design an electric scooter for the world, we received data that said that more than 75% of the audience’s biggest uncertainty was "How many kilometres will an electric scooter go? How many times will I have to charge a scooter? Will I run out of range, and what then?" 


Today, in 2023, nearly a year after we launched the VIDA V1 Pro, we can proudly talk about the range that we offer.


Presenting our best-in-class range of up to 110 kms* and 165 km* IDC on a single full charge! Perfect for everyday use and beyond


We are not here to launch just another scooter; we are here to solve consumers' anxiety about opting for an electric scooter, provide peace of mind, and keep our focus on the environment and ever-increasing urban pollution.


At VIDA, we strongly believe that we need to solve problems at multiple levels. At a larger scale, we're tackling urban pollution and providing easy mobility, and at an individual level, we are giving you the best-in-class product that will take you places.

110 kms* is more than a number; it's the embodiment of achievement, of pushing the limits, and of redefining what's possible. It’s all about innovation, engineering, and the desire to enhance ownership experiences. So all you have to do before you take your VIDA V1 for a spin is fully charge your scooter and go where you want to go. VIDA is the enabler of your dreams and achievements. With all the necessary tests, removable batteries, and charging options, achieving this kind of range has helped us become a popular choice.

Behind every innovation lies meticulous craftsmanship. That's why we adhere to the gold standard of testing – the World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC). This exacting methodology has paved the way for a stunning range of 110 kms* on a single full charge. But how do we know if this range is right for urban mobility?

Let’s break it down:

For example,

Average distance travelled = 25-30 kms
Battery charging needed =  only twice a week!

Midweek and weekends are when you can power up without having to worry! And even if you do traverse extra someday, know that charging your VIDA V1 is as easy as 1, 2, 3 -
1. Using a portable charger that plugs into any standard 5A socket to charge the scooter.
2. Two removable batteries that you can charge anywhere, anytime using the portable charger.
3. Fast-charging stations that help you power up in a jiffy!

And when in doubt, remember that the ride and eco mode will give you the best range possible. Increasing the regen in the custom mode also helps.

No matter what the range of your electric scooter is, it may change due to the kind of terrain you’re riding in and the vehicle conditions.

So what are the best practices to keep in mind if you want to get the maximum range possible?

- Accelerate gradually to a speed of 40 kmph instead of accelerating quickly.
- Slow down gradually and use regenerative braking from the two-way throttle.
- Maintain the tire pressure and check it every once a week. Low tire pressure can increase resistance and affect range efficiency.

With VIDA V1, you don’t have to wait for the future. It’s here and now. Experience the best-in-class range, the convenience of owning a VIDA V1, joyful rides, and so much more



1. How to start regenerative braking?


Give throttle input in reverse direction to engage regenerative braking, degree of throttle input will control the force of regenerative braking. You can also adjust the level of regen on your MY VIDA app.
2. How to change the riding modes?

Use the Ride Mode change button to switch between the different modes or change it through the TFT screen. 

3. How many modes does the VIDA V1 Pro have?
Apart from the 3 preset modes i.e. Eco, Ride, and Sports modes, there is a Custom mode with 100+ riding preferences.

4. Which mode is the most efficient in urban spaces?
Eco mode is the most efficient one.

5. How many kilometres can the VIDA V1 Pro run on a single charge?
The VIDA V1 Pro can go 110 kms on a single full charge.

What do we mean? 

We cannot adjust regen anywhere except Custom modes but that's a different logic