We took Charge of Charging


Published by VIDA

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Date: 9th Apr, 24



What comes to your mind when you think about charging an electric scooter? Tangled chords? Long queues at the charging stations?

Not anymore!


Because we took charge of charging, with multiple charging options like never before! So you could experience the true joy of owning and riding the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter worry-free.

Want to see how we did that? Check out all the charging options that make the VIDA V1 Electric Scooter a ride of change:

Two Removable Batteries
We are the pioneers of quality and convenience. The two removable batteries have proven to be a convenient option to power up! Home, office, or wherever else, charge anywhere, anytime


What’s more? 

With the Y-connector, a great addition to our VIDA Essentials collection, you can charge both your batteries at once! Get it here <VIDA Essentials page>


Portable Charger

All you need is one charger to power up your scooter and your removable batteries! Plug into any standard 5A socket and charge without any hassle. 


Fast-Charging Station

Our ever-developing network of fast-charging stations lets you charge your VIDA V1 in the quickest way possible, 0-80% in just 65 mins or 1.2km/min

What’s more? We’ve recently collaborated with Ather Energy to grow our network even more! Currently, we stand at 2,000+ stations across 100+ cities throughout the country, and we only plan to get bigger and better! 


Community Charging 

Introducing VIDA Charge, with a vision to empower the EV community to take complete charge!
By 2025, 100+ will experience VIDA community chargers, be in E2W or E4W, we invite you all to power up in a neighbourhood near you, where you live, where you work, where you play!
Your one-stop destination to charge any electric vehicle, anytime.
Making the switch to electric? Here’s another reason to do it today.

Power up, Bharat!

The biggest advantage of owning an electric scooter is that electricity is democratised. What it means is that it’s easily accessible and massively affordable. 


Charging your electric scooter should be as easy as charging your electronic gadgets. Each day, we are updating our charging ecosystem to accommodate everyone, no matter what their lifestyle is like! 

Happy Charging, Happy Riding,
Vida la Vida!